TeslaBox replaces your Tesla's standard USB drive, sends actual footage in real-time & immediately notifies you of every Sentry or Dashcam event.

TeslaBox Device View 1
Safe to use

Run on affordable, low-voltage Raspberry Pi & USB dongle

Private & Secure

Only you see your videos. No Tesla account or password required

Auto Editor

Automatically merge & compress videos so they are easy to view or share

Instant Notification

Receive each dashcam/sentry event, along with a video preview, in near-real-time to Telegram

Tesla Box View 2
4G Connectivity

Re-use the USB dongle to save money on premium connectivity and provide in-car WiFi

Cinematic Mode

Motion-detection on each angle produces amazing Sentry clips

Map & Time

Each event is sent with the exact location, date & time with a rolling timestamp

Remote Support

Receive updates, bug-fixes and over-the-air support

Preinstalled software
SD-card (provided)SanDisk UltraSanDisk UltraSanDisk Extreme
Board (not provided)Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4/8GB
Case (not provided)Fan and/or heatsink recommended
4G USB (not provided)4G USB Access Point Dongle
4G Plan (not provided)Contact your mobile data provider
1 year support
Price incl. shipping$149$219$299