TeslaBox installs along your standard USB drive, sends sentry and dashcam footage in real-time & stores all your drives without clicking record.

It is a simple do-it-yourself project! We install the software on components you own or bought.

Tesla Box View 1
Sentry alerts
with actual video
Dashcam alerts
with multi-angle video
Cloud backup
for important events
Continuous storage
for up to 50 hours
Tesla Box View 2
4G connectivity
with in-car wifi
Cinematic mode
with motion-detection
FREE TeslaMate hosting
No special tools,
wiring or access needed

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! we're confident that you'll love TeslaBox, which is why we're giving away a remote installation and a 30 days license for free. No credit card needed. Contact us to start your trial.

How easy is it to set up?

TeslaBox is a do-it-yourself project but surprisingly simple to put together. If you can handle a screwdriver, you'll have your TeslaBox up and running in no time. The guide we provide will walk you through each step.

Will it work on my Tesla?

TeslaBox runs on all Tesla vehicles equipped with Sentry Mode, and was tested on Model 3, Model Y, Model S & Model X. It integrates seamlessly with both older HW3 and the newer HW4 hardware.

What do I get when I purchase TeslaBox?

You get a software license along with upgrades and support. Once you have all the components, we connect remotely to your machine to install the software.

Can I purchase the physical TeslaBox from you?

At this time, we don't sell the physical box. However, you can easily find the components online on Amazon,AliExpress, or at any Raspberry Pi retailer.

Do I need internet connectivity for TeslaBox?

Yes, your TeslaBox requires Wi-Fi connectivity to send real-time alerts. Unfortunately, it cannot use Tesla’s built-in connectivity as Tesla doesn’t create an access point.

How can I get internet access for TeslaBox inside the car?

To provide internet for your TeslaBox in the car, you can purchase a 4G USB dongle, equip it with a SIM card, and plug it into the Raspberry Pi. This setup not only gives TeslaBox internet access but can also be used by other passengers in the car for browsing, or by the Tesla itself for software updates.

How much data would the TeslaBox use?

If you're only using the 4G plan for TeslaBox, a 2-3GB per month data plan should be sufficient.

Can it work without a dongle?

Yes, it can, to some extent, such as backing up your footage and preparing the Sentry/Dashcam videos. However, it won't be able to send video alerts without an internet connection. You may use a mobile hotspot, other Wi-Fi networks, or wait until the car is parked near your home Wi-Fi to offload footage. It's worth noting that lacking a constant internet connection diminishes the real-time aspect of the alerts.

Where are my videos stored?

Aside from being stored on your original Tesla disk-on-key (USB flash drive), a copy of each Sentry and Dashcam event is also sent to your secure Telegram "cloud" and saved locally on your Telegram deviced. Additionally, we back up the footage from all angles on a secondary SD card, which is great if you might have forgotten to manually hit record, or if you need footage that's older than an hour.

What's the benefit of a larger memory card?

The capacity of your memory card determines how much historical footage you can keep. A 128GB card allows for 10 hours of continuous backup, 256GB for 20 hours, and 512GB for 40 hours of high-resolution, original-quality videos from all camera angles.

How will I receive alerts?

You’ll receive alerts through Telegram, which is a free messaging app. Whenever your Tesla's Sentry or Dashcam feature kicks in, TeslaBox sends you a GIF as a quick preview and, shortly after (within 1-3 minutes), you'll receive a more detailed video from all angles.

How do I access backups?

If the TeslaBox is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can access it via any browser on your private network. For remote access—such as when you’re on the road—you can use Tailscale, a free software that creates a secure VPN between TeslaBox and your other devices.

Is TeslaBox safe to use?

Yes. TeslaBox uses very low power and connects to Tesla's standard USB port. It emulates standard USB flash drive functionality. TeslaBox does not hook up to any Tesla computer or component, it does not require any Tesla account details, and it does not use any Tesla API. Only you can see your videos! See our Privacy Policy.

How about heat management?

We recommend housing the TeslaBox in a proper case, complete with standard heat sinks and/or fans for cooling. When installed in the glove compartment, temperatures generally remain within a safe range. However, if you plan on leaving your car for extended periods (weeks-months), it may be advisable to disconnect the device and replace it with your standard disk-on-key.

Where else can I place the TeslaBox?

The glove compartment is our suggested location for a few reasons: it typically maintains an appropriate temperature, it can be secured with a PIN code, and it's the location where newer Tesla models support data transfer through USB. For older Tesla Model 3 or Y vehicles, the center console compartment is also a suitable location, provided that its USB-C ports support data transfer. Regarding the 4G USB dongle, you can plug it directly into the Raspberry Pi or into any USB port in the car—it only needs to draw power.

FREE TeslaMate hosting?

Yes! each TeslaBox comes with TeslaMate pre-installed (a $60/year+ in savings compared to paid hosting). You can choose whether to activate it yourself or disable altogether.

What if I upgrade my Tesla?

Congratulations! The same license stays with you, as long as it hasn't expired and your Telegram ID remains the same. There’s no need to purchase a new one.

What if I have another Tesla?

You will need a separate box and another license, but we offer a 50% discount for returning customers. Contact us for the coupon code.

What if I need support?

You can always contact us. We can also fix most issues and upgrade your version remotely.

What happens when my license expires?

If your license is cancelled or refunded, you won't receive alerts and will lose access to TeslaBox console and backups. You can renew at any time to restore access along with upgrades and support.

Do you offer a referral program?

Absolutely! For each friend who buys TeslaBox and mentions your order ID, we will add a free month of usage to both of your accounts.